EP-360, LLC Services Mission Statement:

EP-360 is committed to delivering cost effective, efficient and professional security services to our clients and partners. We offer innovative and progressive security solutions specific to the needs of every client. EP-360 is qualified to provide our clients with professional security services 24-hours a day. We are committed to consistently meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations. Also guaranteeing that we will never compromise your safety and we firmly enforce our highest standards in every aspect offered to you. We selectively hire only the best and we choose to employ former military and law enforcement.Our elite professionals have specialized training in executive protection, estate security, evasive driving, first aid, and marksmanship. Our employees have varying degrees of experience from corporate, government, military, law enforcement, and private security backgrounds.  We are committed to maintaining the trust of our clients, customers and the community at large through honest, moral and ethical behavior that is above and beyond the standards of excellence.


To take the first step in ensuring your safety, security and privacy.  Please contact us to arrange a consultation.